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Fists in Solidarity


The PTSA is open for membership for parents, teachers, and students. Our goal is to bring us all together to make high school the best it can be for our child. Membership is $20 for adults and $15 for students annually. Membership benefits are the following:

  1. Receives PTSA member documents via email prior to the upcoming meeting.

  2. Participates in any member voting areas during the PTSA Meeting!

  3. Have their name entered into the PTSA monthly giveaway for members!

Reasons Our Members Have Joined

SHS Educator/Staff Member 

"I care about what happens where I work." 

SHS Family/Community 

"I believe parent involvement is important to have a positive school environment" 


SHS Student

"I like being involved and supportive of what my school has to offer." 

Executive Board

  • President- Deidra Speight 

  • 1st Vice President- Adriane Clark

  • 2nd Vice President- VACANT

  • Treasurer- Tameka Graves 

  • Secretary- Vondra Rogers

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